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My work focuses on food, culture, travel, and history in Mexico City and beyond. I seek on-the-ground experience to tell the stories of people and places.

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The 5-Minute Traveller's Guide to Becoming a Tequila Connoisseur

A short drive from Guadalajara, the town of Tequila pulses with the dry heat of the Central Mexican desert and is hemmed in by vast fields of blue agave cactus. Their pointy arms stretch skyward in worship of Mayahuel – the Maya goddess of the maguey cactus, and coincidentally, of drunkenness.

Stara hamburgo rooftop patio article
The Hotel Scoop

Mexico City's Best Ultra-urban Hotels

Visitors to Mexico City are often committed urbanites, travelers that crave the chaos and sophistication of one of Latin America’s biggest metropolises. Here are five modern, urban hotels that will put you right in the middle of the action in the big city.

Alcalde  duck article
The Latin Kitchen

Hello Guadalajara! Where and What to Eat in Mexico's New Foodie Hotspot

While Mexico City has gotten major press in the last few years for its wellspring of great food, art, and culture, Guadalajara, flying under the radar, is forging its own reputation for excellent food and drink.

Boatview2 article

In Mexico City, It Doesn’t Get More Farm-to-Table Than This

Mexico City’s organic movement may be the key to saving an important and threatened local resource.

Altar article

The Echoes of Spirit Awakening The “Seventh Root-Race” in Jalisco, Mexico

Spirit Guides Magazine | Mystic Talk + Travel

Saloncoronaflickr article

What the kids are drinking in Mexico City's rediscovered cantinas

Mexico City is a place where old and new collide in often wild and unusual ways, so it is not surprising that some of its most ancient drinking traditions have become suddenly trendy again, with all kinds of crowds.

Cafedeolla article
The Latin Kitchen

Bottoms Up: A Complete Guide to Mexico's Traditional Drinks

by Lydia Carey | Jan 30, 2016

So you've already been to Mexico. You're an expert on vitamin T (tacos, tlacoyos, tlayudas...). You fear no salsa. You feel pretty good about your Mexican foodie knowledge. But what about tejate, tepache, and pozol? Ponche, rompope, and a pulque curado?

Guadalajara pal real2 article
Luxury Latin America

Three Delicious Days in Guadalajara

Ask those in the know and they will tell you that a buzz is building about Guadalajara, Mexico's third largest city, as a new dining and drinking hotspot.

Old fashioned chorizo2 article
The Latin Kitchen

More Than Margaritas: 7 Authentic Mexican Cocktails

by Lydia Carey | Jan 12, 2016

There's more to Mexican cocktails than the margarita. Next time you find yourself in Mexico City, branch out and try one of these favorites. They're full of local infusions, endemic flora, and surprising flavors.

Historico central cafe article
The Hotel Scoop

Hotel Scoop: Histórico Central

In the past ten years, renovations in the Centro have encourage young people to move back downtown and various hip new hotels have opened including Downtown Mexico City and the Historico Central.

Charales article
The Latin Kitchen

They Used to Eat What?! A Pre-Hispanic Food Primer

There aren't many places left in the world where you can stop on the street and snack on something made in almost the exact same way as it was 500 years ago. Mexico happens to be one of those places.

Stara hamburgo rooftop patio article
Luxury Latin America

Stara Hamburgo—Mexico City

Center stage in an overflowing metropolis, Stara Hamburgo combines intelligent design with old world charm for one of the most urban stays in Mexico City.

Miralto2 article

Highballs and high life at Mexico City's best rooftop bars

At an altitude of 2,250m above sea level, Mexico City will get you high au natural. But if you want to speed up the process, head to one of these bars with dizzying views and impressive cocktails.

Shutteredburritostand article

Following the Faded Signs in Baja California

Traversing the whole Baja Peninsula on its single Route 1 highway, a couple doubting the "wild frontier" stories gets led astray by dubious signs pointing to sketchy roads of sand.

Barbacoa feast article
The Latin Kitchen

6 Secrets for Making Perfect Barbacoa (aka Mexican Barbecue)

Though barbacoa is one of Mexico’s most iconic dishes, it’s made differently in each region of the country. We talked to a few masters of trade in southern Mexico City about the six essential elements of any perfect barbacoa.